Andrew's Commitment

Commitment 2017-04-15T16:32:26+00:00

To the constituents of Markham-Unionville:

I promise to serve the interests of ALL constituents in Markham-Unionville – not just one narrow interest group or community.

I will not make promises I can’t keep, and I will keep the promises I make.

I will treat tax-payers with the respect they deserve, recognizing that it’s their money that government is trusted with – not my money or my Party’s money.

I will support policies and legislation that encourage more job creation – and not policies that will drive businesses away from this province.

I believe the people of Ontario deserve more choice in how they manage their own affairs and finances – the more they are taxed, the fewer choices they have.

I believe the people of Ontario are quite capable of making decisions for themselves and for their families – the Government doesn’t always know better.

I believe Ontario deserves better.


Andrew Keyes
Ontario PC Nomination Candidate